PVC-U Windows and Doors

PVCu window systems offer a comprehensive range of window styles and finishes suitable for all types of buildings. All offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency as well as a choice of aesthetics. We offer a range of PVCu door styles to suit any type of building, from country cottages to townhouses, and from commercial offices to schools.


Our window range includes contemporary and traditional styles offering exceptional energy efficiency, security and durability, plus easy fabrication and fitting – and, of course, virtually no maintenance.

A PVCU door offers incredible value and versatility. We offer an extensive selection including a range of stylish inverted mouldings that have proved extremely popular. Every PCVU door is made to measure and available with a choice of hardware.

What are the benefits of PVC-U windows and doors?

  • Energy efficient - PVC-U windows and doors are energy efficient. PVC-U framed windows and doors reduce heat loss in winter by 28% compared with double glazed aluminium framed windows and doors.
  • Eco friendly – PVC-U window and door frames are an Eco-friendly material. Manufacturing energy consumption for aluminum profiles is over 7 times of that for PVC-U profiles. PVC-U profiles can be recycled and re-used.
  • Low maintenance – Unlike timber framed windows and doors which require regular maintenance PVC-U framed windows and doors need little maintenance.
  • Reduced condensation – Condensation is caused when moist air of a warmer temperature comes in contact with a surface of a cooler temperature. Aluminum windows and doors have condensation on the frames because aluminum is good heat conductor. A  benefit of non-conductivity of PVC-U profiles is reduced condensation.
  • Watertight – From 2005 we have been replacing timber, aluminium and steel framed windows with our PVC-U windows for our customers. During these window replacements it is quite often found that timber building frames under original aluminium windows were rotten.
  • Long lasting – Plain PVC-U material may discolour and become brittle under high UV light. Some PVC-U windows installed decades ago failed because of its low UV stability. Now days PVC-U profiles are formulated for high UV weather conditions and have an expected service life of over 40 years.


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